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“Abortion is the most dangerous if performed by means of drugs or traditional medicines. That’s the most fatalities of teen pregnancy, such as the way is very dangerous because it is not necessarily the most fruitful and even worse because it would create a risk of defects in the fetus and make a great trauma for the mothers who have abortions … “dO NOT USE dRUGS DRUG ADD YM> aborsiaborsi@yahoo.co.id

Abortion Safe? Of this I want to explain a little about safe abortion procedures. Of course, if I am in wondering where a safe place to have an abortion then I would answer in a clinic or hospital and is done by a gynecologist at the clinic such as ours. However, because in our country has not considered legal abortion is not all clinics or doctors willing to perform abortions, even though our clinic, including illegal, but we are always committed to prioritizing the health and safety of patients. There are exceptions for some cases in which abortion later in legalkan in this country, among which are: • Pregnancy can lead to health risks of death for the mother or the baby at birth, pregnancy is a result of rape that resulted in the mother to be traumatic . However, there are still some doctors who are also willing to perform abortions for couples outside of marriage to include a letter of permission from the trustee in question. Still, in the eyes of the positive law in force in Indonesia it is considered against hukum.Namun, if the question is where abortion is safe? then the answer would be the same, in a clinic or hospital by a physician expert is one of our clinics. Because our clinic services and security guarantees satisfactory. So that your risk of infection, trauma or other hazards are much smaller. There are some legal abortion clinic that also provides security services and security of good health but it will usually cost membengkak.Sebagai picture, if you have an abortion in a clinic or hospital is legal, you will undergo pre-abortion consultation to make sure you know the risks and the possibilities that could happen, at the time of the abortion procedure is done you will get a series of medical procedures that meet medical standards, including the anesthesia that can be done to reduce excessive pain so you avoid the possibility of traumatic. In addition you will also undergo treatment for several days after an abortion in which the state of your health will be monitored continuously to ensure a great no bleeding or infection. Usually you will be given a medication or injections of antibiotics to reduce infections and vitamin blood booster to replace blood loss through bleeding. Few weeks or a month later after an abortion procedure you still have to do check-ups to ensure your condition is completely recovered as before. Almost the same as the picture above, when you performed the abortion at our clinic, you only come on when an abortion procedure and after the procedure is done you may go directly home, or at least just to stay overnight. HEART HEART In the case of promising a very low cost, can be more severe, and often act in the given abortions performed without painkillers or anesthesia to reduce costs. This can lead to the possibility of post-abortion syndrome is a painful consequence of trauma. Usually the doctor or midwife is not an expert or just want to press charges if saja.Apa result in unsafe abortions are performed? Many times, abortions are not performed by a skilled person would wear and how the tools are not appropriate. For damage and forcing the fetus, the uterus will be massaged and penetrated the tool or object to it. This tool is often a sharp object, has been polluted and unclean. For example, bamboo, piercer or a hose that does not often make the sterile uterine infection. As a result, but can be infected, the uterus can be damaged or torn and bleeding can happen next, continuously and permanently damaged her uterus. So when an abortion is performed by an expert rather than the first chance that will happen is an infection of the uterus because the equipment used is clean. The second possibility is that it will happen and continuous bleeding due to uterine destroyed. Keep in mind, there is the womb that her fetus will be full of blood vessels that supply food for the baby. If you damage the blood vessel tissue will be damaged and bleeding that is difficult to stop. The third possibility, the uterus will continue to remove blood and other fluids. This will certainly result in death for the mother if not be helped. Meanwhile, the unhealthy state of the uterus can progress to persistent infection, the growth of new cells, the growth of malignant cells and other lain.Tidak follow-up after an abortion procedure would greatly endanger the woman’s health later in life, even in some case of death due to excessive bleeding. In some women may not see any abnormalities due to unsafe abortion procedures, but that does not mean nothing, it is usually an infection or trauma will appear several months or several years into the future, only much later did not realize it. So, my answer will remain the same; our clinic or hospital and is done by experts. Since I strongly disagree if you pawned your own personal safety. If possible, you should still treat your pregnancy, believe that god will member a good road when you ask for it, and every child born of a woman’s womb has its own sustenance, maybe God has prepared something great for her.

through a Safe Abortion?.